the random thoughts game has been on line for a year
and our first official post was catherine.
apologies to sandy, for taking a full month to post her submission...
i am in the middle of moving, both home & studio, so things have been a little uneven around here.


sandy mcmullen

sandy, also a painter, wrote: "I have enjoyed moving pieces around -When the letter came in the mail
I opened the package and left the pieces on my kitchen island. Great thing to make compositions as I
waited for the kettle to boil for tea.
and she graciously invited me to play the random thoughts game with her work
so i did


(made with the first edition)


benoît jourdain

benoît is a fellow fotologer and a flickrer,
he makes tantalizing beautiful images and we share a passion for photographing the ground.
he sent me this with his solution

(made with the first edition)




mavik also played the virtual guest edition of the game
if you check out her solution, i think you'll see a relationship to these.

(made with the first edition)


camilla breitholtz

camilla is my beloved, beautiful and talented god daughter
she's a junior at st. thomas high school in dover, new hampshire
(made with the deluxe edition random pieces: #870 & #881)


kerstin breitholtz

kerstin is one of my closest friends
her family is my second family
and she is the reason i love all things swedish

(made with the deluxe edition random pieces: #870 & #881)